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Appraisal Skills Training Course

<H1>Appraisal Skills Training Course</h1>
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Appraisal Skills Training Course

This one-day course is designed to provide delegates, through a series of practical activities, with the essential skills of undertaking staff appraisals.

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Appraisal Skills Training Courses

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This course covers a wide range of skills including:

Welcome and Introduction 

Why have appraisals?
Purpose and benefits of having staff appraisals
Barriers to effective appraisals

Role and responsibility of the appraiser 

Effective Appraisals - Planning and Preparation 
Preparing the appraisal plan
Fairness and equality

Information gathering evidence supporting the data 

Relating the appraisal information to the organisation's staff appraisal and development plan
The Appraisal Meeting
Good communication, balanced discussion

Questioning and listening skills 

Feedback - providing clear and specific feedback 
Resistance - overcoming resistance and handling unco-operative appraisees 

Performance - current v previous 

Reviewing good performance
Dealing with poor performance - identifying the causes

Appraisee development - defining areas for development 

Objectives - setting clear objectives and using SMART techniques 
Personal Action Plan

Recent comments from attendees:

I found the course very helpful and it made the operation of running appraisals much more manageable. The Trainer Mary made the different aspects of dealing with Appraisals very straight forward and now the different elements will be far more achievable for me! Katie from Balens Ltd.

"My whole course today was excellent, enabling me to move my goals and targets in a positive way!"Dr Garba, Coventry City Health Centre

My overall impression about the Appraisals Training Course is "THE COURSE WAS EXCELLENT!" Kim M - Langston Care

 Dr Neal Erun from The Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh said that he found the Appraisals Training course "well delivered and comprehensive in a relaxed discursive environment and it was "well delivered!"

Medics Pro Ltd: "Everything about the Appraisals course was valuable. I was worried about doing Appraisals previously, but now I am ready!! B Mathoav"

Brandenburg UK: "A very relaxed and informative training course and I will ensure all members of the workforce are trained in understanding the importance of appraisals" TB 

"What I liked best about my trainiing is: ALL OF IT and I am very impressed with Midlands Training and especially our Tutor Mary!" Becci N from Langston Care

Holger from Pepperl+Fuchs: "Good training with good discussions. Able to focus on my specific challenges and I will from now on, involve staff more in finding the solutions and measurement of performance".

Ryan Birchnall of Palletforce said that the "One to One Training and understanding the process through to the required outcomes was most valuable" to him!

 From Neil Williams of Topcon: "Very knowledgeable and interesting delivery in Appraisals Training Course: I now have a clear objective of what is required to fulfil my role". "What I will do differently now is think, listen then act!" 

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