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Life Coach Training Course

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Life Coach Training Course


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Life Coach Training at Midlands Training Ltd

Life Coach Training Courses


Are you looking for a new role, helping others to achieve their dreams, goals and targets. Then this is the course for you!! 

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Recent Testimonial: I really enjoyed the Life Coach course, with a very good Trainer at Midlands Training and I liked the opportunity of asking questions and feeling comfortable in this training environment. LT

So many people are looking to improve something in their lives and now you can help them to do just that. How many people need focus and direction with their lives and in their careers?

If you genuinely enjoy helping people -then this Coaching and Mentoring training course is the course for you. Qualified Life Coaches help people to achieve those things that seem outside their reach at a precise time in their lives. It may be something small or something which seems absolutely huge to them at a particular time in their lives.

Life Coach and Mentoring Training Courses take place each month at Midlands Training, and often each week. There are also some dates shown below. To book your place call Jennifer or Mary 01384 441144 now, or email us by clicking this link for a fast response!

Dates for commencement of Life Coach Training Courses in 2018

29 Jan, 24 Feb, 20 March, 4 April, 12 May, 5 June, 8 July, 13 August, 10 September, 16 October, 2 November, 12 December

Dates for Mentor Training Courses 24 March, 30 April, 18 May, 22 June, 26 July, 23 August, 28 September, 16 October, 11 November, 10 December

Dates for Business Coach Training Courses: 27 Jan, 18 Feb, 22 March, 29 April, 25 May, 29 June, 28 September, 22 October, 23 November, 4 December

Recent comments: Fantastic Life Coach and Mentor Training Course - I have learned so much at Midlands Training - I cannot wait to put my new skills into practise and help other people. GC

The entire course proved valuable!! It was very well presented and delivered.  One to one learning was invaluable to me - THANK YOU MARY!!!  I awarded top marks (100%) which means I can truly "walk the talk" as a new coach!!  Amy H

The ideas the Mentor and Coach Course has given me to enhance my team has been really worthwhile! Matt H - MSC Industrial Supply Co.

What I enjoyed most about my Life Coach & Mentoring Training Course was the way in which it was presented and the ease of understanding each process of the training. Tim B from MSC

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 # LIF 02 "Train to Become a Life Coach" courses start every week at Midlands Training, based at Midlands Business Centre in Cradley and tuition is tailored to suit your individual needs. Business Coach Courses, and Mentor Trainings are also available each month by arrangement

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