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To Find Out More About Midlands Training

Call JENNIFER or MARY now! Please call 079 575657 44 whilst our new telephone system is installed ver the next 2 weeks.

01384 441144 is our usual enquiry line, and we hope we will be soon back to normal!!


"The most rewarding course I have ever been on and the training was delivered in a precise and friendly manner. It was brilliant!" KM

I chose Midlands Training because you were the only Company to take time to contact me to ask me exactly what I needed in my course A.C. MANAGER NHS

"You covered everything I needed and more. The training was great!" LSC - LM

"What makes you different from other providers is that you take the time to discover the needs of your clients and tailor training to meet their requirements!" P F MARY KAY COSMETICS

"Our course was really enjoyable and useful" BLACK COUNTRY CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE -

CF Contact Midlands Training to find out how we can help YOU to achieve new skills too! CALL NOW! 01384 441144 You can be sure of a great response!

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